We are the pioneers of new-commerce.


rethink. reinvent. revolutionize.

Our mission at Dastmalchi is simple and concise: rethink, reinvent, and revolutionize the ideation, creation, production, distribution, and sales of consumer products. We focus on building brands that will have a lasting legacy and impact on the lives of our customers.

meet new-commerce.

not traditional retail,
not e-commerce.
meet new-commerce.

We are not a retail company, and we’re not an e-commerce company. We are a new-commerce company.

By pairing the best practices of traditional retail sales and the scalability and flexibility of e-commerce and social media, we’ve become pioneers into the uncharted lands of what we’re calling “new-commerce.”

We define “new-commerce” very simply: putting brands in front of customers when and how they actually want to see them. By cutting out the enormous ad-buys and marketing budgets of traditional media and implementing cutting-edge systems and technology, we are able to share our products with customers that actually want to be shared with. The savings created by operating in this model are passed directly to our customers and shareholders.

So, we work tirelessly and meticulously to activate, grow, and sustain brands at the highest level, creating an outstanding legacy that will be home and family to countless people.

We are not working to become a household name—we are working to become several. While most people may never hear the name “dastmalchi,” it is our conviction that several of our brands will become household names—constantly enriching the daily lives of the people who welcome them.

We value excellence above all else, which is why we will never introduce a brand or product that we do not proudly use ourselves. This excellence also extends into the team we hire, the partners we choose, and the long term profitability of our organization.

We strive for this level of excellence through partnership and empowerment. We aim to empower everyone who interacts with our brands to be the absolute best they can be—both personally and professionally.


excellence. enrichment. empowerment.

our brands.

future brands.

but we aren't just brands, we're people too.


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