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BHA/AHA Brightening Toner



Hydrate and rejuvenate while preventing breakouts for perfect skin in just one clean swipe! Vanity Planet’s BHA/AHA Brightening Toner helps balance your skin and prep it for the rest of your routine—morning or night.


Our gentle formula brightens, hydrates and reduces pore size to help give skin that extra boost without adding another serum or lotion to the mix. Combination skin, dry skin, oily skin? No problem, our toner treats blemishes on all skin types while balancing the lining of your pores to keep acne and inflammation at bay.

Key Benefits:

  • Harness the power of both BHA and AHA to reveal a healthy skin
  • Safely balance and exfoliate your skin for a radiant glow
Made in Newport Beach

Innovated in California

Cruelty Free

Always Cruelty Free

Clean Beauty

VP Clean


100% Vegan