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Clear | Skin Clarifying Gel.

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This is where you and acne part ways.

Perfect for oily, acne-prone skin, Clear closes the door on blemishes with a unique delivery system, helping avoid the severe irritation that happens in seconds of applying simple glycolic acid.

How? The patented AHAminoPlex™ molecule was specially designed to release over time instead of all at once. This may give you the same level of exfoliation, cell turnover, hydration and other age-fighting benefits as your run-of-the-mill glycolic acid without the run-of-the-mill burning and redness—possibly on your first application.

And to boost protection from irritation, dermatologist-tested lichochalcone may stop redness before it starts, reducing your skin’s oil production and other imperfections.

Last, a healthy dose of patented New Zealand and Australian tea tree oils round out the mix by balancing your skin’s flora to keep it cool and calm for the entire treatment.

  • Time-released exfoliants penetrate deep to clear your skin of imperfections
  • Reveals fresh, healthy-looking skin in just days
  • Puts a stop to flaking and ashiness
  • Clarifies your skin tone
  • Smooths coarse skin
  • Minimizes enlarged pores and fine lines

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