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Reveal | Triple Power C&E Serum.

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Time has got nothing on this serum.

Sometimes slower is better. Especially when it comes to vitamin C treatments. Which is why Reveal is formulated with a blend of three stabilized, time-released forms of vitamin C and three forms of vitamin E that steadily diffuse throughout your skin. The result? Years’ worth of sun damage undone in weeks without the irritation that comes with treatments that deliver high amounts of vitamin C all at once.

With Reveal, a little goes a long way because vitamin C and vitamin E are a power duo that make each other even more effective. How? Vitamin C recycles vitamin E as an antioxidant, increasing vitamin E’s free radical-scavenging ability by 50 times its normal rate. And extra free radical protection means extra protection from premature aging and fine lines.

  • Youthful radiance is revealed in minutes
  • Diminishes obvious lines around your eyes, mouth, cheeks and jawline in weeks
  • Starts evening skin tone in days
  • Starts clearing blackheads and clogged pores in days

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