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Elite | Teeth Whitening Pen - Black Friday

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Have you ever posed for a photo at a party, and then when you saw it, wished that maybe you hadn’t had that last glass of red wine, or that cup of coffee with dessert?

The Elite Teeth Whitening Pen is perfect for exactly that situation, or just for teeth whitening on-the-go. It’s a professional strength whitening gel in a convenient pen with a twist-up brush-on applicator that fits in your pocket or handbag. You just twist the pen, smile so you can brush onto your visible teeth, then hold the smile for 30 seconds to activate the gel – then you’re good to go! Don’t drink or eat anything for 20 minutes, and then rinse.

You can easily and discreetly whiten at work, on a bathroom break, after lunch or dinner, even in a cab. With three pens in the pack, you can keep an Elite Teeth Whitening Pen in your handbag, your desk, and your car for quick touch-ups anytime. It also makes a great way to maintain the results of an at-home or in-office whitening treatment.

Key Benefits:

  • Elite Teeth Whitening Pen is an on-the-go professional strength whitening gel in a convenient twist-up pen with a brush-on applicator
  • Three-pack of pens so you can put one in your handbag, your car, desk at work, etc
  • Discreetly touch up after meals, coffee, or red wine
  • Maintain the results of at-home or in-office whitening treatments
  • Takes just 30 seconds to set; Only needs to stay on teeth for 20 minutes
  • Should only be used if teeth and gums are healthy


  1. Remove the cap, and hold the pen so the bristles point down. Twist the base until a droplet forms on the tip of the brush. 
  2. Smile big! Brush the gel onto each visible tooth. Hold your smile for 30 seconds to allow the gel to activate. 
  3. Rinse after 20 minutes, and you’re all set!