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Hydrate | Hyaluronic Boost Gel.



Feel the wave of relief from instant hydration.

From dehydrated, flaky skin to those who are especially acne prone, Hydrate pairs with any and all skin types.

Water is the first thing to come to mind when you think of hydration. But water on its own just isn’t enough. For soft, supple skin, two things are a must: moisture and phospholipids—Hydrate’s primary ingredients. Phospholipids have to be added to the mix to trap water between the skin’s surface cells.


There’s more than the initial hydration, too. Hydrate gives continual bursts of moisture that keeps your skin supple for hours. And with continual use, your skin’s water content improves daily—by up to 136%, studies show.

  • Moisturizes in seconds and lasts for hours
  • Boosts and enhances any moisturizer

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