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Luminous Repair Sleeping Mask



Meet our Luminous Repair Sleeping Mask to nourish your skin with hydration-heavy moisture and calm acne flare-ups while you sleep! Benefit from the revolutionary power of pomegranate and lactic acid with Vanity Planet’s latest innovation in skincare.


•     Give your skin a treat while it repairs itself from the day
•     Hydrate while you sleep
•     Pomegranate and Lactic Acid comfort problematic skin
•     Soothe skin with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients
•     Smooth skin using the power of rosehip oil and passion fruit extracts


Rosehip oil | Source of vitamin C, helps reduce scarring and wrinkles, reduces irritation and increases hydration in skin

Stellaria Media (Chickweed (Extract)) | Anti-inflammatory, helps reduce irritations like eczema, psoriasis. Can help calm acne flare ups.

Aloe | Helps hydrate and soothe skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate | Helps hydrate skin while also providing anti-aging and wrinkle smoothing benefits.

Pomegranate | Natural source of Vitamin C, smooths skin. Helps hydrate and replenish dull dehydrated skin.

Jojoba | Contains Vitamin E and B which aids in skin repair. Reduces redness - especially redness from dry itchy skin. Anti-microbial so it can help reduce acne breakouts by preventing growth of bad bacteria on the skin.

Passion fruit extract | Natural source of Vitamin A & C. Fights free radicals and soothes skin from its natural anti-inflammatory properties.