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Pomo-lactic Night Serum


Repair your skin overnight using our cutting-edge sleeping serum for smoother, brighter skin while you sleep. Pomo-lactic Sleeping Serum is an intensive, AHA-rich night serum designed to even out skin tone and hydrate for perfectly balanced skin in the morning.
Our cloud-like serum harnesses the revolutionary power of pomegranate and lactic acid to cradle your skin in anti-aging moisture and reduced breakouts. Using the latest clean advances in skincare, you can now sleep your way to glowing skin. At last, hours of beauty sleep in a bottle!
Why are we on-boarding this product?  Night time is when your skin naturally repairs itself. Using an AHA heavy serum enriched in pomegranate and lactic acid will help in that repair cycle giving smooth, bright and radiant skin come morning!

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