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Pulsefit - Smart Scale & Digital Body Analyzer


The Pulsefit Smart Scale & Digital Body Analyzer is a sleek, hi-tech fitness tool designed to help you reach your health and fitness goals. It not only operates as a traditional weight-reading scale, it also uses BIA (Bio Impedance Analysis) Technology which passes an electrical current through the body to measure body fat percentage, total body water percentage, bone mass, and muscle mass. With the Vitagoods Pulsefit, users are able to monitor their stats at home to make the most of their daily regimens.

Set & Track Weight Goals

Pulsefit allows you to set incremental weight loss goals and is equipped with lights that indicate whether you’ve lost, gained, or maintained weight

Universal Measurement Units

This scale measures and reports results in pounds, kilograms and stones

8 Unique User Profiles

Formfit stores up to 8 different user profiles so you can keep track of your personal data

Measured Vital Stats:

  • Body Fat: Tracking your body fat percentage provides a key assessment of your overall health and fitness level.
  • Weight: Continually monitoring your weight can provide insight into your personal patterns so you can achieve optimal health.
  • Muscle Mass: Increasing lean muscle mass boosts your metabolism which allows your body to burn more calories.
  • Bone Mass: Monitoring your bone density may help prevent serious medical conditions.
  • Water Weight: Maintaining a healthy total body water percentage will ensure the entire body functions efficiently.

*397 Pound Capacity

*4-AAA Batteries Included